Intro to Buzzworthy Content Research

Hi, I’m Irina and I’m a Senior Marketing Manager at HubSpot, focused on building Product Awareness, and the Digital PR Manager at Omniscient.

In this section, I’ll show you exactly how to go from feeling stuck to having at least one buzzworthy content idea that you can implement with the resources you have in your company.

And yes, this is possible even if you’ve just started working with your company and you know nothing about this niche.

In short, there are three things you’ll need:

1. Content Performance Analysis - First, understand the formats and topics that work by looking at your own content. If you’re new to the business and the niche, this is a really important step. You’ll learn quickly what worked and what didn’t in the past.

Then broaden your research:

2. Identify Content Competitors: You need to know who are your company’s main competitors. Here I’m not talking about business competitors alone, but particularly those who create competing content with you. They are the ones grabbing the attention of bloggers and journalists you want to get in front of as well.

Then understand your target audience:

3. Identify Main Publishers: Learn who are the top news/media/blogs publications in your niche or industry. You want to create Buzzworthy content that will grab their attention and likely they will mention it.

To get the information you need for all of these three steps, you’ll need an SEO tool like BuzzSumo, Ahrefs, SEMRush. For this video I’ll use Ahrefs but almost any other solution you have in your SEO tool box can help.

And lastly -- just remember to enjoy the process. Have fun with it!

Buzzworthy content is shareable and gets tons of backlinks because it’s fun. Or it gets people excited. They find it useful or funny or gives them a sense of pride.

So make that your mantra and let’s get started.

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