Intro to Competitive Analysis & Content Audits

To figure out where you want to go, you need to know where you currently are.

Content strategy, despite what any thought leader may say, is not one size fits all. There’s no single way to do things. Factors such as company size, website authority, current content and search rankings, team size, and other idiosyncrasies matter.

How completely and honestly you audit and evaluate your own standing will dictate how successful your entire content program is.

Questions to ponder during this lesson:

  • What does "domain rating" mean? (or "domain authority" in Moz)? How does that factor into your approach to a content plan?
  • What can a SWOT analysis actually help you accomplish? How can it shift your thinking? What's the true value the tool?
  • What constitutes a strength or a weakness in a content program? A threat or opportunity?
  • How do you identify your competitive landscape?

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